Entry / Ingoing Inspection

An Entry Condition Report must be completed prior to a tenant moving in. It should be a true and accurate account of the condition of the premises. This Condition Report may become the most important piece of evidence if a dispute arises over the condition of the premises at the end of the tenancy.

Note: Be sure to check out our Independent Inspection Service.

An Entry Condition Report prior to the tenant moving in or at the start of the tenancy agreement must be completed by both you and the tenant.

The original Condition Report gives full details of the premises condition, fully documenting any wear or tear already present at the start of tenancy, noting the cleanliness, general condition and working order of each applicable item on the report. Any comments should be written in the space provided or on an attached separate piece of paper if there is no room.

If the premises are furnished, a list of all the furniture and its condition should also be attached to the report.

This inspection ideally is conducted together as both parties should agree to the condition of the premises and sign accordingly. If there are any disagreements, either party should state their differences in the agreement while signing.

If you agree to repair or replace anything, this should be documented in both the Entry Condition Report and Tenancy Agreement. This entry report helps to compare the state of the premises at the end of tenancy, subject to possible wear and tear.

It is also a good idea to take photos or a video of the condition of the premises. Ensure your camera has the correct date set before recording.

Keep a copy of the entry condition report in a safe place as it will be used as conclusive evidence of the condition of the premises at the commencement of the tenancy.

If your tenant will not sign the entry condition report you can always have an independent person inspect the property, check your report and sign it.

Even if a real estate agent writes the entry condition report for you, it is always a good idea to check it over yourself anyway, just to be sure.

Click here to download Entry Inspection Form applicable to your state:

NSW: Standard form Condition Report

QLD: Entry Condition Report (form 1a)

VIC: Condition Report

WA: Property Condition Report (Version 1)
Property condition report (Version 2)

SA: Inspection Sheet

ACT, NT & TAS: No standard form