Final (Exit) Inspection

You are entitled to expect your property be returned to you in a clean and undamaged condition at the end of the tenancy. However, remember that the tenant is not responsible for fair wear and tear.

Note: Be sure to check out Indepedent Inspection Service.

As soon as possible after the end of the tenancy both you and the tenant must carry out a Final Exit inspection of the premise, ideally conducted together.

Landlords should check the condition comparing to the entry condition report. This helps in easy settlement of bonds and other refunds. If the tenant is not present during the final inspection then you should send the completed exit condition report to tenant’s new address.

If you have conducted regular periodic inspections during the tenancy, you will find it easier to agree on what has been fair wear and tear.

Tip: Arrange in advance for the water, power and gas meter to be read on the day of the final inspection.

Click below to download our generic exit inspection form or the form applicable to your state:

NSW: Standard form Condition Report

ACT: Condition Report

NT: no specific form

QLD: Exit Condition Report (form 14a)

SA: Inspection Sheet

VIC: Condition report

WA: Property Condition Report (Version 1)

Property condition report (Version 2)