Rental Bond Refunds

At the end of the tenancy following the final inspection a claim for the refund of bond money should be lodged by filling out the bond refund form and given to the tenant to sign.

The form requires nomination of payment method, i.e. direct deposit or cheque.

If an agreement cannot be reached by Landlord or tenant, then a claim form can be lodged without the signature of the other party. The Bond Authority will process the first received application for refund, a letter to the other party will be issued advising them of the claim received giving that party 14 days (16 days QLD, 10 days TAS, SA) to apply to the Tribunal to dispute the claim. If no reply is received within 14 days (16 days QLD, 10 days TAS, SA) the bond will then be paid to the lodging party.

If an application is lodged to the Tribunal it is always up to the Landlord to prove any claim on the bond.

NSW: Claim for Refund of Bond Money


Bond refund forms can be submitted online and paid by direct deposit into the nominated bank account/s. It takes approximately 2 business days to process.

Download this form Refund of rental bond (form 4) , complete the form, get all parties concerned to sign it, upload the completed form at

Note: Only Bond Forms where all parties have agreed and signed to the distribution of the bond money, can be uploaded and if Australian Bank Account details have been provided.

If an agreement cannot be reached between landlord & tenant, complete the form and lodge with the RTA by post or in person.

Instructions on how to complete the form correctly are included on the cover page

VIC: Use the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) online service

WA: Once you have calculated and agreed with your tenant on a reasonable amount of money to deduct from the security bond, complete a Joint application for Disposal of Security Bond (form 4)  and both sign it. If you and the tenant cannot come to an agreement or a dispute  arises over how the bond money should be paid out, it may be able to be resolved by negotiation, or you can take action in the Magistrate’s Court nearest to the rental premises. If you can’t find a missing signatory, you will need to seek a court order from the Magistrate’s Court.

NT: Intention to Retain Security Deposit and Stat Dec

TAS: Bond Claim Form

SA: Security Bond Refund Form

Most Bond Authorities DO NOT pay Interest when refunding bonds. Interest is used to cover Administration and other costs.

The main reasons why a claim can be made against the bond:

    • Unpaid rent
    • the reasonable cost of repairing damage to the premises, beyond fair wear and tear
    • the reasonable cost of cleaning any part of the premises not left reasonably clean, having regard to how clean the premises were at the start of the tenancy
    • the reasonable cost of having the barrel of the locks changed or other security devices replaced, if the tenant has failed to return all keys and security devices they were given.

This is not an exhaustive list. There may be other legitimate reasons for making a claim against the tenant’s bond, such as the cost of disposing of goods left behind by the tenant. The claim must relate to a breach of the tenancy agreement by the tenant.