Forms & Notices

Here are some generic PDF Forms and Notices that you are welcome to download and print for use. ** Please note that some states request you use their specific forms – check the relevant state below. If your state is not listed then please feel free to use our generic forms.

Generic Forms:

Bond Receipt

Contact List

Entry notice

Landlord Checklist when conducting routine inspections

Notice of Rent increase

Notice to Leave

Notice to Remedy Breach

Rent Receipt

Reservation Receipt

Tenancy Application form

State Forms:


New Tenant Checklist

Standard form Tenancy Agreement

Standard form Condition Report

Rent Increase Notice

Termination Notice

Claim for refund of Bond money

Bond Lodgement Forms are not available for downloading as they have a unique barcode required for internal processing.

Transfer of Bond

Change of Managing Agent / Owner

Change of Shared tenancy Arrangement

CTTT Forms

Tenancy Division Application Form

Application for Termination and possession based on non-payment of rent

Rental Bond Application

Hearing Notes

Enforcing Tribunal Orders fact sheet

Information for respondents fact sheet


Standard Tenancy Agreement

Extra terms and standard leases – what terms are enforceable?

Bond Refund Form (Tenancy)

Condition Report

Share Housing Booklet: Crowded House

The Law (Residential Tenancies Act 1997)

Property Checklist


Application to the Commissioner of Tenancies

Declare Rent is Excessive

Declaration to Justify Rent

Notice to Remedy Unpaid Rent

Notice to Remedy Breach by Tenant

Notice to Remedy Breach by Landlord

Notice by Landlord to Terminate

Notice by Tenant to Terminate

Withdrawal of Termination Notice

Intention to Retain Deposit and Stat Dec.

Notice of Entry by Landlord

Notice of Rent or Bond Increase

Notice of Storage of Goods

Unclaimed Tenancy Bond Claim Form


Entry Condition Report – General Tenancies

Pocket Guide for Tenants – Landlords are required to give a copy of this to tenants at the start of a Tenancy.

Entry Condition Report – Movable Dwellings

Bond Lodgement Form

Transfer of Bond Form – Is only allowed where the lessor, agent or manager/ provider remains the same.

Refund of Rental Bond Form

Change of Lessor or Lessor’s Agent Form

Change of Shared Bond Arrangement Form

Part Payment of Rental Bond Form

Lessor’s Agent Signature Record

Entry Notice

Notice of Lessors Intention to Sell Premises

Notice to Remedy Breach

Notice to Leave

Notice of Intention to Leave

Exit Condition Report – General Tenancies

Exit Condition Report – Moveable Dwellings

Abandonment Termination Notice

Dispute Resolution Request

General Tenancy Agreement

Moveable Dwelling Tenancy Agreement

Translated Tenancy Publications


Information Brochure – about the rights & responsibilities of Tenants & Landlords gives information about the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords

Renting: a basic guide

Being a first time landlord

Agent Direct Debit Request

Agent EFT Payment Request Form

Agent’s Authority Form

Individual EFT payment request

Direct Debit Service Agreement

Disposal of Abandoned Goods Fact sheet

Electonic Notification of Bond Transactions

Notice to Tenant to Remedy Breach

Notice to Tenant to end a Periodic Agreement

Notice to Landlord to Remedy Breach

Notice to Landlord of termination of a periodic agreement

Notice by Landlord of Storage of Goods

Application to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal

Example of Application to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal

Application to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal

Information on Section 90 Applications

Individual EFT payment request

Individual EFT payment request

Inspection Sheet

Lease Agreement terms inconsistent with the Residential Tenacies Act 1995

Lease Agreement – Periodic Agreement Form

Lease Agreement – Fixed Term Agreement Form

Lease Agreement – Short Fixed Term Tenancy Form to be completed as well as a fixed term lease agreement if the lease is for 90 days or less

Lodgement of Security Bond Form

Notice to Tenant of Lease Extension

Notice to Tenant of Rent Increase

Notice to Enter Premises

Notification of Change of Ownership or Agent

Notification of Change of Tenants

Request for Assistance to Office of Consumer and Business Affairs

Request for Repairs

Security Bond Refund Declaration

Security Bond Refund Form

Example of Security Bond Refund Form

Fact Sheet – Applications to Tribunal

Fact Sheet – Water Charging

Fact sheet – Increasing the rent during a fixed term

Fact Sheet – Receipts and Rent Records

Fact Sheet – Advertising Fees and Reletting Fees

Fact Sheet – Repairs and Maintenance of Premises

Fact Sheet – Co-Tenancies

Fact Sheet – Open Home Inspections when selling a property

Fact Sheet – Retirement Village Applications


Residential Tenancy Agreement

Residential Tenancy Application

Residential Condition Report

Request for Repairs Inspection or Rent Assessment

Residential Accommodation Complaint Form

Notice to Landlord of Rented Premises

Notice for Breach of Duty to Landlord

Notice of Objection to Landlord

Notice to Tenants of Rent Premises

Notice of Rent Increase to Tenants

Notice for Breach of Duty to Tenants

Notice to Vacate to Tenants

Composite Notice to Vacate for 2 or More Reasons

Notice to Leave to Residents of Managed Premises or Resident’s Visitor

Request for Inspection of Goods Left Behind

Bond Lodgement, Bond Claims and Bond Transfers Forms as well as the “Notice to Tenant – Alternative Procedure for Possession for Rent Arrears” Forms can be ordered by the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) Online.

General Application form – Victoria Civil and Administration Tribunal

Landlord (VCAT) Application Guide

Renting a Home Guide for Tenants and Landlords

Caravan Parks – A Guide for Residents, Owners and Managers

Notice to Owner of Caravan or Caravan Park

Notice to Breach of Duty to Owner of Caravan or Caravan Park

Transfer of Residency Rights (Caravan)

Notice to Prospective Caravan Park Residents

Notice to Residents of Caravan Park

Notice of Rent/Hiring Charge Increase to Residents of Caravan Park

Notice to Vacate to Resident of Caravan Park


Notice for Breach of Agreement

Breach Notice for Non-payment of Rent

Notice of Termination for Non-payment of Rent – Form 1A. Use if outstanding rent is not paid within the 14 days as per Breach Notice for Non-payment of Rent (see above). This form seeks to terminate the tenancy agreement and requires the tenant to vacate the premises within the next seven days.

Notice of Termination for Non-payment of Rent – Form 1B. Send one day after the rent should have been paid. It warns the tenant that unless the outstanding rent is paid within the next seven days, then the agreement will be terminated and, should the tenant refuse to leave, you will be applying to the Magistrates Court. Should the tenant pay all rent owing no later than one day before the court action, then the action will not proceed.

Notice of Termination

Notice by Tenant of Termination

Notice of Breach of Agreement by Owner

Notice to Former Tenant as to Disposal of Goods – Form 2

Notice as to Disposal of Goods – Form 3

For a “Proceeds of Sale of Abandoned Goods (Form 11)” to dispose of the proceeds from the sale of abandoned goods for a claim if you are owed money from the tenancy (e.g. for rent; damage etc) call the the Advice Line of the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection on 1300 30 40 54 and they will post them to you.

Information for Tenant Booklet – a form you must give to your tenant.

Residential Tenancy Agreement – Fixed-term Agreement

Residential Tenancy Agreement – Periodic Agreement

Property Condition Report Version 1

Property Condition Report Version 2

Lodgement of Security Bond Money – Combined Form 1 and 8

Joint Application for Disposal of Security Bond – Form 4

Notice of variation of Security Bond  (Form 9)

Guide to Renting Out Your Property


Residential Tenancy Agreement TAS – can be purchased ($76) from REIT or contact us to arrange for you.

RTC Draft Guidelines for Residential Tenancy Dispute

Bond Lodgement

Bond Claim

Tenant Transfer Form

Property Owner or Agent Transfer Form

Rental Bond Dispute Form